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2017 RACES Drill Schedule
Saturday TBA 1000-1200 [POSTPONED]
EOC information collection drill - FD Stations to EOC (indoors)
Friday JUN 23 1800-2100 Field Day Setup
Saturday JUN 24 0800-0800 Sunday Field Day
Sunday JUN 25 0800-1900 Field Day & FD Teardown
Tuesday AUG 8 1900-2100 MEMA Commex
Saturday AUG 19 1000-1200 Parallel digital/analog transmission drill-Capability testing (INDOORS)
Tuesday SEP 12 1900-2100 MEMA Commex
Saturday SEP 16 1000-1200 "Find the flag" missing persons drill
Tuesday OCT 10 1900-2100 MEMA Commex
Saturday OCT 21 1000-1200 ICS Refresher, EOC practices. (indoors)
Tuesday NOV 14 1900-2100 MEMA Commex - EOC
Saturday NOV 18 1000-1200 Fire Station Alerting Drill (indoors)
TBA 1st week of Dec - NWS SKYWARN DAY
  • *RACES operators that serve as comms for an event that is approved by OEM will receive drill credits.
  • **RACES operators who participate in any NWS Skywarn programs or drills will receive drill credit for each event.- Submit to Chris Meyer.
  • Time/Date/Location for Skywarn programs are located on the NWS Sterling Skywarn page