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Tim, W1TRT, participating in RACES exercise, August, 2012 County ARES/RACES Net - Starting May 5, 2019, Sundays, 2000 hrs local, 147.135 CARA rptr (PL 156.7)
Next CARA Meeting: Johns Hopkins APL, May 22, 2019  --   Columbia Amateur Radio Association
Activity Maps
Monthly Club Meetings - 11100 Johns Hopkins Rd, Laurel, 20723, Bldg 1 lobby
Monthly Board Meetings (3rd Thursday of the month at 1930) - HCFR Station 1, Elkridge
Monthly Breakfast (2nd Saturday of the month at 0900) - La Madeleine, Columbia
Net Control Station N3YQ operating for the Knights of Columbus 2011 10k run/walk

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Next Drill: 11 May, Find The Flag Exercise POSTPONED - DATE TBA
MEMA Commex - 14 May, EOC
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Howard County RACES Information: RO Dave Prestel, W8AJR
2019 RACES Drill Schedule (Tentative)
RACES Certification Course List
HCFR RACES Dispatch Forms
"Comprehensive Crisis Communications Planning For The Prepper" (.pdf)
(Article passed out at 4 FEB 2012 RACES Annual Meeting)
RACES INFO - County Fire Stations
ARRL logo On Friday, May 17th, at 2000, the MDC Section will hold its next regular section-wide Echolink net on the "WASH_DC" Node 6154 server, which is sponsored by John Creel (WB3GXW).
Everyone is welcome to check in.
A number of repeaters in the section are connected to Echolink, including the 147.225+ (PL 156.7) repeater in Calverton. Check your local repeater directory if you wish to check in via RF.


CARA/ARES Public Service Events 2019

Klondike Derby 26 Jan John Roberts  
Foxcatcher 6 Apr Dave Prestel  
KOC Spring Running Classic 11 May Dan Wilt SIGN UP
MD HEAT 17 Aug Andy Protigal  
Labor Day Classic 31 Aug Dan Wilt  
Civil War Century 7 Sep Dave Prestel  
Patapsco Trail Bike 14 Sep Andy Protigal  
Patapsco Trail Run 15 Sep Andy Protigal  
Columbia Bike About 28 Sep Rob Gold  
CARAFest 2019 6 Oct David Parkison  
Patapsco Valley 50K 26 Oct Andy Protigal  


logo for ARRL's Certification and Continuing Education program
The former Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) series of three training courses has been reconfigured into two courses: An introductory course and a course for leaders and managers. Revised in 2011, this is an update of the former Level 1 course. It is designed to provide basic knowledge and tools for hams who want to serve as a Public Service volunteer. It provides an opportunity for non-hams who rely on communications in emergency situations to learn about Amateur Radio and its unique role in emergencies.
The course is offered online using the Moodle learning platform. The Introduction to Emergency Communication course has six sections with 29 lesson topics and a 35 question final assessment. Participants should plan on completing the course in approximately 45 hours over a nine week period. This is a mentored course, in which you may work according to your own schedule. Cost is $50 for ARRL members and $85 for non-members.
For start dates, registration deadlines and more visit here on the ARRL Website.

Various Levels of Howard County RACES certification may be obtained by completing the appropriate courses listed in the table below.
Link to National Incident Management System Courses (NIMS)

On successful completion of a course, email a copy of your FEMA notification to Dan, N3LDC (threegees "at"
Course requirements are aligned with your "Resource Type". Resource Type requirements can me found on pages 13 & 14 of the RACES Manual (.doc)
Step 1 (Recommended For All RACES MEMBERS) IS-909 Community Preparedness: Implementing Simple Activities For Everyone
IS-100.B Introduction To Incident Command System (ICS)
Step 2 (Recommended for RACES Members Operating in FD Stations) ALL Step 1 COURSES PLUS
IS-700 National Incident Management System, NIMS, An Introduction
IS-394 Protecting Your Home Or Small Business From Disaster [replaces IS-292]
[Those who have completed IS-292 are "grandfathered"
Step 3 (Recommended For Senior RACES Members operating in the EOC) ALL Step 1 & 2 COURSES PLUS
IS-271 Anticipating Hazardous Weather And Community Risk
IS-775 EOC Management And Operations [replaces IS 275]
[Those who have completed IS-275 are "grandfathered"
Step 4 (Recommended For RACES Leadership) ALL Step 1, 2, & 3 COURSES PLUS
IS-324 Community Hurrican Preparedness
IS-800 NationalResponse Framework, An Introduction
1. J-Pole Project (pdf)(QST)
2. J-Pole Project (pdf)(73)


National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

EC Andy Protigal N3AWP
AEC Dave Prestel W8AJR
AEC Jon Wilson KF3O
AEC Dan Wilt N3YQ
RO Dave Prestel W8AJR
Ass't RO Jon Wilson KF3O
Ass't RO Dan Wilt N3YQ
Ass't RO Rich Firestone WR3F

Hamfest Calendar Listing

6 Oct 2019 - W. Friendship, MD
Columbia Amateur Radio Association
Howard Cty Fairgrounds

U.S. Amateur Radio Bands
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